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The Electric Heat Guys offer the customers all electric heating services. The electric heating services are designed to cater for all the industrial electrical, cabling, floor heating, hydronic and domestic electrical services. The electricians at Electric Heat Guys are professionals who you can trust and count on for all of your commercial, domestic and industrial electrical needs. Despite offering the customers with traditional electrical services like data cabling, commercial refrigeration and electrical installation and maintenance, the expert at Electric Heat Guys specialize in under floor heating and hydronic heating. The electricians at Electric Heat Guys are more reliable, experienced and dedicated to serve the customers in an effortless manner.


Electric heating

This refers to any process in which electrical energy is converted to heat. The common applications of this heating include cooking, water heating, and space heating and industrial processes. The heating system makes use of electrical heater which is an electrical device that converts electric current to heat; the transducer. The Electric Heat Guys supplies to the customers high quality devices that are sourced from the leading manufacturers. An electric current passing through the resistor will convert electrical energy to heat, the modern heating devices that are available at Electric Heat Guys uses nichrome wire as the active element.


Space heating

This type of electric heating is normally used to warm the interiors of the buildings. The electric space heating is useful in places where air-handling is difficult for example in the laboratories. The Electric Heat Guys provides several electrical space heating for example radiant heaters, convection heaters and fan heaters.

For these and any other such services, please contact Electric Heat Guys on 888-374-4458.

The Electric Heat Guys is fully committed to offering the customers the best of quality service in all the electrical services we do in your property. You can get in touch with us by calling 888-374-4458 and ask all the questions you have regarding electric heating. The questions within 12 hours or even less of business hours. To get a professional quotation call us today on 888-374-4458 and book a personal consultation as well.

The radiant heaters

Electric radiant heating uses heating elements that reach a high temperature, the element is usually packaged inside a glass envelope resembling a light bulb and with a reflector to direct the energy output away from the body of the heater. The element emits infrared radiation that travels through air until it hits an absorbing surface where the radiation is partially converted to heat and partially reflected. The heat warms the objects and people around that space. These electrical heating systems are ideal for basements and garage where spot heating is desired. The radiant heaters operate silently and present the greatest potential danger of ignition of nearby furnishings due to the focused intensity of their output and lack of overheat protection.

The Electric Heat Guys is a family owned and does offer electrical services for both residential and commercial customers, the electricians have been offering electric heating services to customers for many years and the customers we have served keep coming back for our services as we are good and what we do.

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